Panasonic GD87 specs

Panasonic GD87 specs


Mobile Camera with; Digital Zoom, Self Timer, Night Shot.

Picture Format: Full Colour, B&W, Sepia and Negative

MMS for Picture Messageing

16 Note Polyphonic Ringtones

Mobile E-mail



GD87, talks a good picture. A feature rich handset with full colour display, camera and MMS support.

With a vast array of features, including a mobile camera, a 65,000 TFT colour screen, dual screens and 16 polyphonic ring tones, the GD87 is positioned as a premium mobile phone and is Panasonic\'s flagship model for 2002/03.

The GD87 features a built-in 110k pixel camera so you\'ll always be able to capture the moment. Then you can communicate it or them to your friends by simply sending the picture via MMS (Multimedia Message Service) or email it to them as an attachment. You can also personalise your GD87 by saving a photo as your standby display screen. However with the GD87 picture personalisation goes further than most by providing four picture formats, (Full Colour, Black and White, Sepia and Negative) a Digital Zoom, Night Shot Mode and a Framing Function.

Also, If you forget a face then you can attach a picture to a number in your picture phone book so that when that person calls you their photograph will appear on the display screen. The GD87 has a magnificent high resolution, 65,000 colour, TFT* display screen that is excellent for displaying small details that have been taken by the camera.

Using MMS you can send still colour pictures and sound to your friends, view multimedia messages you\'ve received or pictures you\'ve downloaded from the Internet, all in brilliant colour. You can even browse WAP pages in colour using the WAP 1.2.1 colour browser. For the business user there is support for GPRS** enabling faster data download speeds with a virtually permanent connection to the network.

The stylish design and compact shape features a Sub-LCD, which displays the callers identity on the front, so you can see who\'s calling you without even opening your phone. Combine this with the desktop speaker and/or a hands free earpiece you can even take the call with the clamshell closed.

The GD87 has a fantastic 16-tone polyphonic ringer that produces a high-quality ring tone sound. Each beat is played like a chord producing ring tones that sound even closer to the original sound the tune is taken from.

Dimensions (H x W x D)
97.5 x 49 x 23 mm

Volume (cc)


Talk Time
Up to 7 hrs***

Standby Time
Up to 220 hrs

Battery Type
720 mAh Li-Ion


Frequency Range

AC Charger / Car Charger Time
Up to 90 mins

Output Power
2W (Class 4) at 900 MHz

* TFT - Thin Film Transistors. These are tiny switching transistors and capacitors that improve the brightness and clarity of the display screen.
** GPRS - General Packet Radio Service
*** Talk and Standby time will be dependent upon network conditions, SIM card, back light usage and battery condition.

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