Sagem myC2-2 specs

Sagem myC2-2 specs

4,096 colour screen
Hi-Fi and polyphonic ringtones

Another way to look at...your screen!
Sagem´s myC2-2 has been created for those who don´t have anything to hide. You´ll be fascinated by its shape and unique transparent window that lets you see its fabulous colour screen. If you would like to show your true colours to the world, then take a closer look at the myC2-2.

4,096 colours screen,
101 x 80 pixels.

Dimensions :
85 x 44 x 21 mm, weight : 80g.

Built-in technology :
Hi-Fi and polyphonic ringtones, hands-free, vibrating alert, SMS, EMS, 1 colour game, WAP 1.2.

Personalisation :
ringtones, downloadable wallpapers.

Battery :
up to 3 hours in talk time and up to 360 hours in standby time.

EMS and MMS are developped in partnership with Magic4.

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