Sagem myC-1 specs

Sagem myC-1 specs

User-friendly mobile
Stylish and ergonomical design

Communicate on your own terms!
If you want the best that SAGEM has to offer, a straightforward, user-friendly mobile that allows you the freedom to communicate as you like, plus one that’s stylish and ergonomically-designed, you won’t be able to resist the myC-1 from SAGEM!

Green back-lit graphic display
96 x 64 pixels, up to 7 lines of text and icons.

86 x 44 x 20 mm, weight: 80 g.

Built-in technology:
polyphonic ringtones, SMS, vibrating alert.

1 game.

up to 2 h 30 in talk time, up to 8 days in standby time.

EMS are developped in partnership with Magic4.

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