Sagem myX6-2 specs

Sagem myX6-2 specs

Digital & MP3 audio players!
High resolution screen 2 inches
262,144 colours
Camera 1,3 mega pixel

The musical mobile with good vibrations
Meet the new star from Sagem:
the myX6-2!
Beautiful, sexy, intelligent and talented… It lets you download every kind of musical format, with a quality of stereo sound worthy of a high-end MP3 player. You can also take photos, make videos, play games, swap SMS and MMS messages... in other words vary your pleasure. There’s no doubt about it… this new Sagem will soon have more fans than it can count. Will you be one of them?

Digital player:
MP3, AAC, AAC+, stereo kit.

High resolution screen 2 inches :
262 144 colours, 176 x 200 pixels.

Built-in technology :
WAP, GPRS*, SMS, MMS, T9®, Hi-Fi ringtones,tri-band, Java™, Bluetooth®, TransFlash™ player.

Camera :
1,3 Mega pixel with zoom x8.

Video player :
playback, snap, progressive downloads.

Customisation :
music, games, ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, covers.

Synchronisation :
adress book and agenda synchronisation with Outlook™ and Lotus™.

Battery :
up to 4 h 15 in talk time and up to 350h in standby time.

Audio player :
micro SD™ card.

110 x 47 x 19 mm, weight : 104g.

* Depending on operator and available service.

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