Sagem myX2-2 specs

Sagem myX2-2 specs

Screen : 4,096 colours
SMS & T9

Communicating has never been so easy!
With its designer look and functional operation, the myX2-2 has it all! Hands-free for easy communication, SMS on the colour screen for messages you´d rather keep to yourself... Make your choice, and opt for real user-friendliness. The myX2-2 for those who think a mobile shouldn´t be a hassle!

Screen :
4,096 colours, white backlight, 101x80 pixels, up to 8 lines.

Dimensions :
106x47x21mm, weight: 93g.

Built-in technology :
SMS, EMS, T9®, WAP, hands-free, Hi-Fi ringtones, vibrating device. GPRS* technology, MMS and data modem available on the myX2-2m version.

Personalisation :
ringtones, background, screensavers, interchangeable covers.

Autonomy :
up to 3 hours in talk time and up to 240 hours in standby time.

* Depending on operator and available services.

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