Samsung X460 specs

Samsung X460 specs


The Curvacious Samsung X460 Enjoy the Samsung X460\'s superb colour screens and its light, rounded design. With mobile messaging, intenna, and all the advanced features you expect from Samsung, you\'re expectations will be raised beyond the bar.

Simple, Compact Design

At a feathery 75g and with ultra slim 84.5*42.5*22.8 dimensions, Samsungs elegantly designed X460 will suit your personal tastes for style to a T. So compact, itll make an instant impression on others, yet almost none on your pocket or purse. Just let your hand feel the difference.

The Intenna

With its carefully curved body and slim features, the simple design of the X460 goes beyond balance to incorporate the intenna into the stylish clamshell. Samsungs powerful intenna technology allows for clarity without an external antenna to disturb your comfort. With the Samsung X460, the latest in technology within backs up its graceful design with remarkable functionality.

65k Colour Screen

Open up your Samsung X460 to a world of color with the internal screen. Perfect for viewing MMS and downloaded pictures or playing games, a colour for all your moods will come through in bright clarity. Now you can impress everyone with the sharp rich images of Samsungs mobile creativity awash in animated hues.

Dual Screen Technology

The supple curves of the X460s exterior are accented by an elliptical design and ultra capable external display, let you know more about what you want to know from the outside.The sensational inner LCD allows you to express your colourful imagination to perfection.

40 Polyphonic Ringtones

The X460 takes you into a new world of exploration and discovery with its amazing 40 polyphonic ringtone melodies. Capable of playing the most natural sounds, human voices, sweet jazz rhythms, and classical music, the 40 polyphonic melodies will definitely bring an audible beauty to your world.


Mobile messaging has become as important to some as the phone itself and the X460 is your messaging companion With high-end SMS, EMS, and now MMS capabilities, you can communicate in any environment. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), enables you to send multimedia messages with a combination of text, voice, music and images to other MMS capable mobile phones or e-mail addresses. Set the standard for your friends for the whole story and bring to light a whole new way of communication.

JAVA Games

Dive into the depths of Java a simple, robust and dynamic programming environment for applets that can aid you in your everyday mobile life. Combined with access to the Internet, Java can provide a much more entertaining experience. Just download up to 1536KB of games, travel information, etc. from a variety of websites or just amuse yourself with built-in games like Snow Ball Fight and Bubble Smile.

WAP 2.0

Find everything you need with your Samsung X460. Just search for it with WAP 2.0 , the best environment for accessing the mobile Internet The X460 puts it all at your fingertips with a browser that holds your homepage, favorites and settings. You\'ll also have easier access to downloadable content through Push Messaging technology.


The X460 keeps track of your calls and numbers. Just scroll down the list and search by name or number. The included phonebook stores a directory of up to 1000 numbers to make your connections a breeze. With X460, youll always be able to make a call to your contacts.

User Memory

The Samsung X460 saves your photo memories with space to spare. Nearly 8Mb of built-in user storage for pictures, wallpapers and screensavers and an additional 500KB just for Java apps will make light work of your storage needs so you can keep downloaded images and sound, hold on to those important MMS to keep up with your social and business dealings. Take it in your hand.


Dimensions : 84.5 x 42.5 x 22.86 (mm)
Weight : 75 (g)
LCD Spec (size/color)
- Internal : UFB-Display 128 x 160 Pixels / 65,536 colors
- External : STN-Display 96 x 64 Pixels / Black & White
WAP : WAP 2.0
Messaging : SMS, EMS, MMS
Games : 2 Java™ games embedded
Java : MIDP 1.03 / CLDC 1.03
Polyphonic Ringtone : 40 polyphonic
Battery :
- Type : Li-ion

Slim Standard Extended
Capacity Li-Ion (800 mAh)
Talk Time 3.5 hours
Standby Time 230 hours

- Dual Band (GSM 900 + 1800MHz)
Sound & Ring tones
- 40 polyphonic sound
- 30 embedded ring tones
- Supported formats: SMAF, iMeldoy, AMR (Voice tag)
- 7,804 KB download storage (Image + tones)
Wallpaper & Screensaver
- Supported formats: JPEG, AGIF, GIF, PNG, WBMP
- 7,804 KB download storage (Image + tones)
Messaging & Data Transfer
- MMS, EMS, SMS (with T9)
- GPRS Class 10 (4 Downlinks, 2 Uplinks)
- WAP 2.0
- 2 pre-installed Java™ Games (Snowball Fight; BubbleSmile)
- 500 KB storage for games
- MIDP 1.03 / CLDC 1.03
Personal Information Management
- Scheduler
- Calendar
- To do list
- World time
- Alarm (daily/once/weekly)
- Currency converter
- Calculator
- Memo Book
Call management
- Vibration alert
- Phonebook (max. 1000 entries)
- Call Forwarding / Barring / Waiting / Holding

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