Nokia 3330 specs

Nokia 3330 specs

What's New

In-built WAP browser allows you to easily find answers, find cinema tickets, order a pizza, or check out a city guide.

Animated screensaver that appears on the display when your Nokia 3330 phone is not in use. Choose your own screensaver and watch it come to life on your phone.

Chat messaging feature lets you talk using messages with your friends and family, while keeping track of the whole conversation.

The Nokia 3330 phone vibra feature, can be set to vibrate before ringing when you receive a call, it also enhances game play, by vibrating at crucial points in the game.

Phone Features

WAP 1.1 browser (via CSD)
Customizable and timed profiles
Screensaver: Based on picture message format; any received picture message can be displayed as a screensaver
Timer for the screensaver can be set to 5 sec - 10 min
Animated screensavers
Clock, alarm clock
Stopwatch, countdown timer
Calculator, currency converter from idle mode
NITZ (network informed time zone)
Reminders (10 notes)
5 Games: Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi, and Bumper
Games download (via WAP): Extra game packs can be downloaded using WAP
High score sending to Club Nokia
Picture Viewer: 4-way scrolling of bitmaps in WAP (if larger than display)
Option to cut out section of bitmap or animation to use as graphic

Full Specifications

Weight: 133 g (standard battery)
Dimensions: 113 x 48 x 22 mm, 97 cc

High-contrast, full-graphics display
Dynamic display layout, adjusts automatically for optimal viewing

100 name internal phonebook
Up to 250 memory locations in SIM card (number of memory locations in the SIM is SIM specific)
Fetch service: Possibility to use phone numbers from SIM memory when sending SMS, storing message center number, voice mailbox number, or activating call divert to 'other number'

SMS (Short Message Service)
Predictive text input
Concatenated messages: Allows writing messages almost three times as long as usual
Multiple SMS sending: A quick and easy way to send the same message to several people
Templates: Quick and easy sending of predefined messages
Smilies for SMS: Quick and easy insertion of editable smilies in SMS from smiley templates
Mobile chat: The Nokia 3330 phone supports chat based on standard SMS, all previous written messages from both persons are visible on screen however chat messages are not saved on SIM card
Picture messaging: Allows a picture to be sent with text, 7 predefined and replaceable pictures in the phone plus 1 empty slot
Name and number (business card) sending and receiving
Reminder note sending and receiving
Ringing tones, operator logos, and profiles receiving
Remaining units/currency on pre-paid card

Ringing Tones
Vibrate then ring option
35 fixed and 7 variable tones (for composed or downloaded ringing tones)

Call Management
One key calling: For up to 9 names (1 is always voice mail)
Last number redial from dialed calls list (scroll-up brings out the dialed calls list)
Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit)
Emergency calls to 112 (number operates in specific countries only) without SIM-card or with key locked phone
Various speed dialing methods
Call waiting, call hold, and conference call
Voice dial for up to 8 names (activate by long press on Menu key or by long pressing of headset button)
Automatic and manual network selection
Closed user group
Fixed dialing number allows calls only to predefined numbers

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