Nokia 2300 specs

Nokia 2300 specs

What's New

The fun-loving Nokia 2300 phone offers great audio features - like an FM radio, built-in polyphonic ringing tones, and a built-in handsfree speaker - at a friendly price.

The eye-catching color and form fusion design lets you change the phone's keymat and Xpress-on™ covers for look that's expressive as you are.

The keymat also features a 4-way scroll, so messaging and gaming are easy and fast. Perform favorite tasks at record speed with the personalized menu.

New SMS features can make text messaging more fun - and less pricey. Get rid of unwanted messages with the SMS filter. And keep track of your costs with the SMS counter and call timer.

Phone Features

Phone book with up to 250 names on SIM card and up to 50 in internal memory
FM radio and antenna headset
Internal handsfree speaker
Navi™ key with 4-way scroll for easy messaging and gaming
Polyphonic ringing tones (built-in)
Call timer
SMS counter
Junk SMS and call screening
Shortcut to favorite menu
Timed profile
Ringing tones selectable for SMS alert, alarm clock, and reminder alert
Calculator with improved ease-of-use
Radio as alarm clock
3 built-in games

Full Specifications


Weight: 92 g (with Nokia Battery BL-5C)
Dimensions: 107 mm x 46 mm x 21 mm

Dual-Band Operation
EGSM 900/GSM 1800

Display and User Interface
Large black-and-white display (96 x 65 pixels)
Up to 4 lines of text
Navi™ Key with 4-way scroll for easy messaging and gaming
Shortcut to favourite menu
Hardtop keymat with back-painted window lens
Xpress-on™ covers and changeable keymat
Menu in most European languages, Arabic, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Farsi, Sesotho (Sotho), Swahili, Urdu, Xhosa, and Zulu

Built-in FM radio
Internal handsfree speaker
Dual-piece mono headset included, acts as radio antenna


Picture Messaging
Send a picture greeting to other compatible phones
Download picture messages from Nokia

Text Messaging (SMS)
Distribution list: up to 10 names
Save up to 50 text messages
Concatenated messaging (up to 459 characters)
Junk SMS screening
SMS counter for keeping track of costs
Speed dialing for SMS sending
SMS chat
Predictive text input for most European languages, Arabic, and Hebrew

Snake II, Space Impact+, and Opposite

Phone Features
Internal antenna
Vibration alert
Automatic key guard
Alarm clock
Clock radio
Timed profile
Calculator with improved ease-of-use
Animated screensavers
Countdown timer

Ringing Tones
Polyphonic ringing tones (built-in)
Composer (for monophonic ringing tones only)
All ringing tones selectable for SMS alert, alarm clock, and reminders alert

Call Management
Internal handsfree speaker for group calls
Call timer for keeping track of costs
Speed dialing for up to 9 names
Last number redial from dialed calls list
Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
Automatic and manual network selection
Junk call screening

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