Panasonic VS6 specs

Panasonic VS6 specs

2 Mega Pixel Camera

Approximately 16 Million Colour Super Bright Screen

Sonic The Hedgehog game installed

Record and Send Video Clips

MP3 Ringtones

VS6 Mobile Phone with 2 Mega Pixel Camera


2.0 mega-pixel camera, 16 million colours* and an ultra-bright screen all in a super-slim clamshell from Panasonic. In an ultra thin design, the VS6 boasts a high-definition 2.2 inch QVGA screen with approximately 16 million colours* and outstanding brightness of 300 candela m2. The VS6 comes with Bluetooth and will be available in a stylish black colour. The VS6 also features the best seller Sonic the Hedgehog™ game from ©SEGA preinstalled onto the handset, however it is possible to download even more games, MP3 ringtones and wallpapers via GPRS. The VS6 also features messaging illumination, a fun and interactive way to receive messages, by allowing you to judge the emotion of a message before it is even opened.
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*The number of main display colours may vary depending on the conditions

**Talk and standby time will be dependent on network conditions, SIM card, backlight usage and battery condition. Prolonged gaming or heavy use of the camera or WAP browser may reduce battery life

***Dimensions exclude protrusions

Dimensions (H x W x D)
96 x 46 x 21 mm ***


Talk Time
2 - 8 Hours **

Standby Time
150 - 430 hours **

Battery Type
830mAh Li-ion


Frequency Range

2.0 Megapixel

Screen Type
2.2 inch QVGA TFT

Screen Colour
Approximately 16 Million Colours*

Screen Brightness
300 Candela/m2

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