Sagem myC2-3 specs

Sagem myC2-3 specs

A jewel of compactness
Designed for all, the myC2-3 is all you’ll need.
Open, it is an ergonomic, intuitive tool, as easy as child’s play.
Closed, it is a jewel of compactness, toughness and elegance…

Compact and elegant design:
73 x 42 x 21mm, 75g.

Screen :
Display 4 096 colours, 101 x 80 pixels.

Ringtones :
Hi-Fi and polyphonic ringtones.

Built-in technology :
SMS, T9®, Wap, hands-free function, blue LED, built-in data and fax modem, vibrating alert. MMS and GPRS* for myC2-3m version.

Personalisation :
ringtones, backgrounds.

Autonomy :
up to 240 hours in standby time and up to 3 hours in talk time.

* depending on the operator’s offer and available services.

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