Sagem myX1-2 specs

Sagem myX1-2 specs

A phone for me, you, anyone, everyone
Sometimes you want your mobile to be simple.
You just want to use it to make and receive calls simple as that. No hassle, no frills and no gadgetry. myX1-2 a phone that is simple, user-friendly and does what it says on the box.
Easy to use, it brings you all the technology you need without the hassle in 3 distinct versions. You can choose between the black and white screen on the myX-1, the coloured screen and vibrating device on the myX1-2 or go for WAP, EMS and Hi-Fi ringtones with the myX1-2w.

coloured screen, white backlight, 96x64 pixels, up to 7 lines.

Dimensions :
106x47x21mm, weight: 93g.

Built-in technology :
hands-free, polyphonic ringtones, SMS. Vibrating device and coloured screen on the myX1-2 version. EMS, WAP, Hi-Fi ringtones and data cable compatibility on the myX1-2w.

Autonomy :
up to 3 hours in talk time and up to 240 hours in standby time.

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