NEC N411i specs

NEC N411i specs

The N411i i-mode™ handset

The NEC N411i combines form and functionality. Designed to showcase all of the content and services being launched on i-mode™ in the UK, N411i will allow you to browse, email, and download the latest ring tunes and Java™ games. Weighing only 95grams and measuring 93x46x24mm, it crams in an MP3 player and a 1.3 Megapixel camera with flash and a 5 x digital zoom.

i-mode™ SERVICES - to send and receive email and surf the web

BLUETOOTH™ - To connect without wires

DIGITAL 5X ZOOM / 1.3 Mega pixels CAMERA AND PICTURE PERSONALISATION – to take and send high quality pictures

INTEGRATED MPEG4 VIDEO CAMERA WITH NIGHTLIGHT – to shoot and send your video clips

SYNC ML – To connect your phone to your PC to easily transfer data


Java™ ENABLED – to download the latest games and applications

HIGH QUALITY 64 CHORD POLYPHONIC SOUNDS – download the latest ring tones

MP3 PLAYER – To listen to you favourite music wherever and whenever you want

PictBridge – To print your pictures directly from your phone

SMS, EMS, MMS AND EMAIL [ENABLED] – to send and receive text, graphic images, colour pictures and audio messages

VIDEO WALLPAPER AND VIDEO PHONEBOOK – to get a movie as a wallpaper and see a video of your friend when they are calling

CUSTOMISABLE DESKTOP ICONS - for quick access to your favourite applications

TRI-BAND – to stay connected in five continents

General Features: GPRS Class10B
Tri-rate codec
Size / Volume / Weight 93x46x24 mm
Weight: 95g
1.3 Mega pixel camera
Video camera for short videos
Internal antenna
User Memory 25MB
Standby time(hour) 200 (TW09)
Talk time(min.) 200 (TW09)
MP3 playback
Customisable desktop icons - for quick access to applications.

Basic Information: T9 Text Input
Schedule/To_Do list
Currency converter
Scratch Pad
Side Key Lock
Voice Record/Memo 60sec/item
MP3 playback
Phone Mode Function Yes(Normal, Meeting, Pocket, Car)
LED torch

Camera: Selectable picture size for different applications
Selectable picture quality
Variable step zoom (depending on image size)
Self timer
Finder Display Main LCD or 2nd LCD
Settings and brightness control to allow for light conditions
Image effects such as Sepia, Monochrome, Negative
Flicker control
Burst mode (Consecutive Shoot)

Display: Main display:
1.9inch (1.86inch) TFT
65K colors
External screen:
1inch STN

Multimedia: Viewer JPEG, GIF87a, GIF89a, PNG, WBMP, MPEG4
Thumbnail Display option
Two Wake-up Animation presets
Wallpaper facility
MP3 Playback
Seven LCD Wall Paper presets
Two 2nd LCD Wall paper presets
Good-bye screen preset
Audio supported formats
Video Camera and player

Messaging: SMS concatenation
MMS max message size 300KB
MMS Sender visibility
E-Mail client: i-mode mail client
Mail text size 4KB
Attachment file format:
GIF89a, GIF87a, WBMP, PNG, JPEG, SMF, AMR, MFi, MPEG4(MP4), (GIF87a, MFi, WBMP for receiving only)

Browser: Download file format GIF89a, GIF87a, JPEG, PNG, WBMP, MFi, SMF, MPEG4, AAC, AMR
Bookmarks storage
DRM (Digital Rights Management) DoCoMo DRM

Java: Java JAVA Doja1.5
Jar file size 30KB

Connectivity: Synch ML
Bluetooth - headset and handsfree profiles, Dial up(modem), Headset
IrDA (for modem, vcard, vcalendar, Melody, Picture, videos) max file size 1MB.
USB connectivity
Pict Bridge

Calling: Incoming call LED Yes (12 colors)
Supports Picture/Video CLI
Phone book 500 + SIM
SDN/FDN/ADN directories
Active Flip
Voice Dial (10 numbers max)
One Touch Dial
Ring silencer
Harmony Ringer Yes (64 Polyphonic+2ADPCM)
Own Number
Any key answer
Automatic answering
Ringer tone format AMR, SMF(SP-MIDI, MIDI), MFi, iMelody
Auto redial

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