NEC e338 specs

NEC e338 specs

338 video handset

The NEC 338 is the smallest, lightest 3G handset available in Europe. Available in black and silver, this stylish new clamshell handset weighs just 113g and measures 93.8 x 47.1 x 23.3mm. Users can browse 3’s exclusive and continually updated video content on a full-colour, high-resolution screen. Football fans can stream or download the latest UEFA Champions League and Barclaycard Premiership football and music and film buffs can access the latest MTV and movie clips in just seconds. Featuring an MP3 player and JAVA technology, users can listen to their favourite music and play games on the move.

VIDEOTELEPHONY – make live calls to your friends

3G – video and audio streaming, downloading and messaging

INTEGRATED ROTATING STILL AND VIDEO CAMERA WITH DIGITAL ZOOM - capture and send high quality pictures and clips to your friends

3G PACKET DATA AND GPRS ENABLED – always-on Internet connection saves time and money on frequent dial-ups

Java™ ENABLED – download the latest games and applications played on a 65,536 16 bit colour screen with a 40 chord polyphonic sound

SMS AND MMS ENABLED – send and receive text, colour pictures, video and audio messages

USB – quick easy technology connection to a computer or other mobile device

General Features: Dual mode 2.5G/3G:
-3G - supports data upload of 64kbps and download of 384 kbps*
-2.5G - supports Class B8 GPRS
Large 16bit (65536) TFT colour display
One rotating camera:
-CIF - 100K pixels
Supports video telephony in 3G service area
Supports a wide range of graphics and audio file formats
Video recorder and playback
Full internet browsing* accessed via dedicated 3 key
Media Palyer - Download and play/view of audio,video and Image content (supports GIF, PNG, BMP,WBMP, JPEG, MIDI, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, MPEG4 Video, WMVfiles)*
JAVA - download and play games (MIDP 2.0)
Send video clips, sound and photos with MMS*
Streaming of audio and video supported:
-Streaming codec support:
-Audio (AMR Narrowband, AAC), Video (MPEG4 + AMR/AAC audio)
-Windows Media Audio / Windows Media Video

External Connectivity: USB

Memory: 18MB dynamic phone memory for messaging and multimedia content
(4 MB maximum for MMS) (inc. SMS and email)
960KB (96 x 10)maximum for JAVA applications)
(Text memos 5000 characters (512 x 9)
(Up to 27 downloaded/created ring tunes)
(Up to 12 extra user composed/downloadable wallpapers)
(Max 5MB pr individual file)
Up to 500 contacts in the phone including:
-Alternate name (Nickname)
-Telephone number
-email address
Ringtune settings for voice calls, video calls or text messages
Images or photos for incoming calls
Memory status display
Dialled/received call lists (max. 20 for each)
Wide range of graphics, audio and video file types supported:

Special Features: Calculator
Currency converter
Clock and alarm
Mode key (customisable profiles including Normal, Meeting, In-car and Pocket)
Silent vibrate alert
Predictive T9 text input
Image viewer
Voice memo
Stereo/Mono headset support*
Dial lock facility
Internal antenna
40 channel polyphonic ring tunes
13 pre-stored alerts ( 6 alert tones and 7 polyphonic tunes)
5 pre-stored wallpapers/standby screens (total 17)

Main Display-LCD: Display size: 2.0 inch (220 x 176pixels)
Application display area: 180 x 176 pixels
65,536 colours
Call duration indicator
Graphical user interface - Icon Driven
Quick menu
Dual image video call display
Desk-top shortcut icons

Calling: Incoming voice/video call alert
In call record (20 seconds)
Auto redial

Camera: Single rotating camera
2x zoom
Definable picture quality
Definable picture size

Supplementary Services: Alternate Line Service*
Call barring
Call forwarding
Call hold
Call waiting
Calling line presentation (UMTS mode only)
Calling line identification restriction (UMTS mode only)
Multi-party* (in voice, not Video telephony)
SIM application toolkit

Basic Information: Dimensions: 93.8 x 47.1 x 23.3mm
Volume: max. 89cc
Weight: max. 114g

Accessories: Standard battery**
Mono headset**
Stereo headset**
USB cable**
Mains charger**
Plug adaptor**
PC Tools**
Utilities CD-ROM**

*Battery life is network dependent; variations may occur. Your terminal works closely with the network and the standby and talktimes achieved depend upon this. In particular, your location within the network, the type of USIM, reception of area messages, the use of Full Rate or Enhanced Rate speech and other factors will affect both standby and talktimes.

**The listed accessories are available from 3’s approved retailers. Please check with these retailers for details of availability and pricing. Please note, NEC cannot be held responsible for the pricing or configuration of accessories sold through third parties.

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