Getting the most out of your mobile

Most people tend not to use the full range of options on their mobile phones, opting to keep its use simple by only calling and texting on the phone. But what's the point of having a phone with all the mod-cons if you don't use them? Here's a quick rundown of those new-fangled technological bits and what they actually do.

- Handsfree. Pretty self explanatory this one - it allows you to make and receive calls without having to hold the phone. It's great for those moments when you're not able to physically pick up the phone, whether you've got your hands full with the kids or shopping, or you're a bit lazy. You'll need a hands free kit, which consists of a line in, which you plug into your phone, a speaker or headphones so that you can still hear the conversation, and a microphone to pick up and relay what you say. When buying a new mobile phone from your provider, see what they can throw into the deal - it might be worth trying to wangle a free hands free kit.

- Bluetooth. This is a short-distance (ie up to 100m) wireless application that allows data to be sent over short ranges from one mobile phone to another. Generally Bluetooth is used to synchronise contact information as well as calendar info from a computer or PDA. Bluetooth headsets are available from all the major mobile phone stores.

- Organisers and to-do lists. Your mobile phone doesn't simply have to take and make calls - think about it, you probably carry it everywhere you go and if you're a particularly busy person, a mobile phone can be much more valuable than a diary or notebook. Young rappers on the streets of London are far more likely to use this aspect of their mobiles, by using the notepad as a space in which to jot down memories and thoughts, or simply just by writing down my spontaneous rhymes when singing along to the MP3 backing track coming out of their mobile speakers.

So, try and use your mobile to its full capacity, you'll be paying for those extras when you buy the phone anyway... Take a look at Vodafone for some great deals on the latest smartphones, such as the new HTC Desire.

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