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The purpose of this free tool is to create a new certificate for themes that display "Expired Certificate" error when installing to your phone, this tool is for nokia series 60 3rd eddition mobile phones only.

Additional Information

There are countless great themes available on the internet for the nokia series 60 3rd eddition phones that will not install anymore because of the dreaded "Expired Certificate" error when trying to install the theme.

This is becuase when the themes are created they are signed with a certificate and the problem is that certificates only last 1 year, there is also a "trick" available to set your phones clock back a year and install the theme then put your phones clock back again.

However this free tool will actualy add a new certificate to themes meaning you can install without the need to mess with your phone, just upload a theme that is displaying "Expired Certificate" error and we will sign it with new certificate so you can install on your phone - Enjoy.

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