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By - marcasmith on Aug 22 at 02:54

awesome collection you got.. thank you

By - HarryLaine on Jul 25 at 01:30

very nice collection :)

By - macklaren25 on Jul 24 at 00:42

nice uploads

By - ForEverSorrow on Jul 16 at 17:40

Nice Uploads

By - saimarabe28 on Feb 9 at 11:27

loe ur themes. ^_^ keep up the good work. :) God bless.

By - ronnieg8 on Sep 2 at 20:08

you have great things I just cant download them I have a lg and a omina, but I still like them

By - 7ofthebest on Aug 21 at 08:07

Hey You-Youve put me on a guilt trip now for what i said, Im not really that rude, Thanks for sorting my Profile out aswell

By - druncle on Jul 17 at 04:39

thanks really like your uploads.

By - Novoid69 on Jul 10 at 11:36

Hi i'm new here. Ur uploaded themes were great. Thnx. Those are really wonderfull.

By - AmandasGirl23 on Jun 11 at 05:52

hi im cassie, i sent you a message but i was just wondering how you put this stuff on your on phone! i have an LG from altell and i need help-i'v esaved some theme's and ringtone's, but i dont know how to put them on my phone! may you help me? thank's.

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